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From an early age, Victor Pineda was driven to make a positive impact for people with disabilities and overlooked communities. Diagnosed with a progressive muscle weakness condition as a child, he benefited from civil rights laws and refused to let societal barriers limit his dreams. Victor graduated high school with honors in Orange County, California, and went on to earn a B.A. in Political Economy and a B.S. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley. He lived in campus housing and received accommodations that set a global precedent on inclusion. During his undergraduate years, Victor served as an elected Senator and pioneered the Disabled Students’ Union and Disability Rights Movement on campus. Driven to create widespread impact, Victor returned to UC Berkeley for a Masters in City and Regional Planning. He focused his research on innovation and economic development. During this time, Victor also founded the Pineda Foundation / World Enabled, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth with disabilities globally. After working in Washington D.C. for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Victor applied to the Ph.D. program in Urban Planning at UCLA’s Luskin School for Public Affairs. His groundbreaking dissertation regarding UAE policy reforms for citizens with disabilities led to further opportunities to shape disability rights conversations worldwide. Today, Dr. Pineda’s work continues to ignite change across sectors. As a Fulbright Scholar, Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley, World Economic Forum Global Future Councils member, consultant for the United Nations and the World Bank, and frequent keynote speaker, he collaborates with corporate leaders and public officials to champion inclusive innovation. Dr. Pineda is a masterful storyteller and founded Windmills & Giants, a television and film production company focused on sharing new bold narratives from underrepresented communities.

Driven to Make an Impact

A World Enabled is his Mission

Inclusion gaps are impacting lives and despite progress, barriers to empowerment and participation are ever present. Too many urban spaces lack accessible design. Exclusion pervades new technologies. Negative workplace cultures create unwelcoming environments. Leadership roles lack representation of.​ 


These systemic gaps limit lives in profound ways. But they present opportunities for those bold enough to blaze a trail toward a just future.​


Dr. Victor Pineda has spent decades on the front lines driving change through advocacy, research, and policy reforms. His visionary leadership equips partners to challenge the status quo. With urgency and compassion, he guides organizations, cities and nations toward more accessible and inclusive ecosystems.​


Dr. Pineda offers hope along with practical solutions. The time for change is now. Contact him today to tap into his unparalleled expertise on building a world where everyone can thrive without limits.

Unlocking human potential his Goal

I believe that there are no problems that are impossible if we look beyond the apparent and imagine the future we need.

- Dr. Victor Pineda

Optimizing Accessible Transit Systems

His visionary leadership and advisory roles drive transformative change in accessible transit planning.

Building Inclusion into Urban Innovation

Interdisciplinary urban planning, policy, and tech expertise fuel his unwavering commitment to prioritizing inclusion and equity in urban growth.

Creating Disability-Inclusive Workplace Cultures

His nuanced understanding combined with an inspirational approach make him a trusted partner for positive change.

Boosting Representation in Leadership

Dr. Pineda's pioneering spirit serves as a role model for empowerment, equipped to ignite change from within influential circles.


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Dr. Victor Pineda

Bring your challenges in inclusion, innovation, or accessibility to a global expert who sees and creates solutions - contact Dr. Pineda today to receive visionary guidance tailored for you.

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