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Building the Inclusive City

Governance, Access, and the Urban Transformation of Dubai

The Victor Pineda Foundation works with Innovative organizations, teams and agencies to advance the cause of justice for people with disabilities across the world. Our goal is to ensure that all people with disabilities are valued, have access to opportunity, and can live with dignity.

Our Mission is To accelerate inclusive innovation with organizations and communities around the world.

The Victor Pineda Foundation

We co-create and deliver transformative programs with some of the world’s leading organizations.

Our Mission is to inspire and co-create with organizations and communities a radically inclusive, accessible, and resilient future for all.

World Enabled

Amazon Prime Video

Unconfined Full Film

A deeply personal journey by Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda, a scholar, activist, and President of The Victor Pineda Foundation & World Enabled, as he searches for answers to the question: "What makes a life worth living”.


Discover, learn, and join the movement for a brighter future.


We eliminate barriers in the physical, digital, and policy domains, leveraging universal design to address the needs of the most marginalized, including people with disabilities and older persons.

Our Mission is to inspire and transform 100 cities* to become inclusive, accessible, and resilient by 2030.

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Inclusion and Belonging in Cities of Tomorrow

Governance and Access by Design

Programs & Offerings

AI for Good 

Programs & Offerings

Cities for All

Programs & Offerings

The Future We Need 

Inclusive Innovation Program

Programs & Offerings

AI for Good 

Cities for All Programs and Offerings

The Future We Need _ Inclusive Innovation Program 

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